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At C&S Performance we offer many services ranging from Importing RHD cars from Japan, bringing in affordable new & used parts to maintain your ride as well as being able to service those very cars right here in Cranbrook, British Columbia.

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With over 25+ years of parts experience and relationships built with prominent name vendors, we can offer low costs and undoubtedly get you the right parts for Your vehicle, whether it’s your generic Toyota or an exceptional Japanese import.

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There are many benefits associated with bringing your vehicle to a professional repair facility when it needs maintenance work or repairs. Below is just a few of the services C&S Performance specializes in.

Complete Diagnostics

Why it's important

A complete diagnostic performed by an experienced mechanic is the most effective way to determine the vehicle's state and find possible solutions.

Routine maintenance

Why it's important

A routine maintenance plan helps to prevent and identify problems before they compound into a costly major repair.

Performance Parts

Why it's important

Performance parts are designed to replace or enhance the vehicle's driving performance, as well as reflect your personal aesthetics.

ECU Tunning Service

Why it's important

ECU Tuning improves daily driving and optimizes your car's characteristics to suit your driving needs while keeping the environment happy.

Vehicle brokerage

Why it's important

The advantages of using an auto broker are that it can save you substantial money and time while a professional vehicle buyer seamlessly handles the transaction from start to finish.

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