Subaru WRX GC/GD Stage 2 (3 puck) Clutch

15950P4 Subaru WRX Stage 2 (4 puck) Excedy ClutchEXEDY cerametallic clutches are designed to handle the abuse of high powered modified engines. Our cerametallic friction material can handle much more slippage than stock type disc assemblies without slipping and fading. All cerametallic discs feature spring center dampers to reduce impact and shock loads.

We offer two types of cerametallic discs:

  • Normal Thickness (Thick)
  • Reduced Thickness (Thin)

Normal thickness discs have greater heat capacity and therefore better durability in demanding applications such as all wheel drive.

Reduced thickness discs offer greatly reduced inertia to improve shift efforts and improve synchro durability. These discs are approximately 1/2 the thickness of a stock disc and are recommended for track use only.



Disc Size 230mm
Spline Teeth / Major Dia 24T / 25.2mm
Clamping Force/Load exerted (lbs) 2315
Disc Material Thick Cerametallic
Number of Disc Single
Type (Push/Pull) Pull
Sprung Center (D-core) Yes
Clutch Torque 527
Torque Capacity at Wheels 336
Torque Capacity at Flywheel 420


Suitable For Driving Styles:

  • Street
  • Time Attack Circuit Track
  • Drag Race
  • Auto Cross Rally


This Clutch Kit Fits:

15950 2005 – 2005 9-2X AERO Turbo, Pull Type; H4; 2.0L; Turbo; Gas(EJ205)
15950 2004 – 2004 BAJA BASE Turbo, DOHC, Pull Type; H4; 2.5L; Turbo; Gas(EJ255)
15950 2005 – 2005 BAJA TURBO Turbo, DOHC, Pull Type; H4; 2.5L; Turbo; Gas(EJ255)
15950 2004 – 2005 FORESTER XT Turbo, DOHC, Pull Type; H4; 2.5L; Turbo; Gas(EJ255)
15950 2002 – 2005 IMPREZA WRX Turbo, Pull Type, (GC8, GF8, GDA); H4; 2.0L; Turbo; Gas(EJ205)
15950 1991 – 1994 LEGACY SPORT Turbo, DOHC, Pull Type; H4; 2.2L; Turbo; Gas(All)