NISSAN SILVIA S15  6 SPD EXEDY Hyper Single Cerametallic Clutch Kit

All Hyper Clutches come with a steel flywheel and a 6-puck disc with cerametallic facing, and a spring center damper. The disc is generally smaller and thinner than the OEM disc making for lower inertia and therefore quicker, easier shifting. The higher clamp load and cerametallic friction facings give approximately twice the holding torque of the OEM clutch and generally higher than other single plate clutches.

Clutch Specs:

Number of Discs: SINGLE
Clamp Load (lbs): 2922
Disc Outer Diameter: 225
Spline Teeth / Major Diameter: 24T / 26


  • Time Attack Circuit Track
  • Drag Race
  • Auto Cross Rally

Part Number: NH02SD1

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